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      Mobile: (086) 13963292031 Managers
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      T-306 extreme pressure antiwear agent

      Product Description:
          This product is a transparent oily liquid,has good extreme pressure anti-wear performance, flame retardant performance, and mold resistance,The product has low volatility,Good electrical performance. This product is suitable for gear oil and anti-wear hydraulic oil, is also one of the components of fire-resistant hydraulic oil.    
      Product Features:
      ● Excellent abrasion resistance● Good flame retardancy● Moldproof]● Low volatility● Electrical Insulation
      Modifying anti-wear hydraulic oil Lubricating oil Grease and anti-combustion hydraulic oil
      Used as a plasticizer and flame retardant in plastics, cables, rubber products and flexible polyurethane foams
      Reference usage:0.5-3.0  (Quality score) / %

      Index Name

      Export level

      First-class products

      Quality Products


      Transparent and uniform oily liquid, no visible water droplets and impurities

      Color (Pt-Co) number




      relative density (20 °C)




      acid value (mgKOH/g)




      free phenol content (%)




      heat reduction (%)




      flash point (°C)




      ortho isomer (%)




      Product Storage and Transportation

      When storing, transporting, loading and unloading and using the product, refer to the SH/T0164 standard and the safety data sheet for the product. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-corrosive. The maximum storage temperature should not exceed 75°C; if stored for a long time, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45°C . Please refer to the safety data sheet of the product for product safety, user health and environmental precautions.

      Product Packaging

      Product net weight:200Kg/Barrel,200 liter standard iron barrel.

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      Contact number: (086) 13963292031 Managers
      Tel: (086) 0632-6676678
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