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      24-Hour Hour Hotline:(086)13963292031


      Sale of a unit
      Mobile: (086) 13963298800 managers
      Sales Part 2
      Mobile: (086) 13963292031 Managers
      Tel: (086) 0632-6676678
      Fax: (086) 0632-6675111
      E-mail: zx5619@126.com
      Address: Taizhuang, Zaozhuang, Shandong, China

       location:Home Lubricating oil additives extreme pressure antiwear additives series
      Name Introduction Description
      T-399 This product is an extreme pressure anti-wear agent that can reduce engine wear and increase engine power, so it is also called engine curing agent or strong repair agent... Show
      T-323 This product is a brown-red transparent liquid, which is a multi-effect additive with outstanding anti-wear extreme pressure performance and good anti-oxidation effect. It has good compatibility with other additives. . Show
      T-307 This product is a light yellow transparent liquid with outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, and is compatible with other additives. Show
      T-306 The appearance of this product is transparent oily liquid, with good extreme pressure anti-wear performance, flame retardant performance, mold resistance, low volatility and good electrical performance. . This product is suitable for gear oil and anti-wear hydraulic oil, and is also one of the components of fire-resistant hydraulic oil. Show
      T-304 Colorless or light yellow oily liquid with a density of 0.998, a boiling point of 95 ° C, a refractive index of N251.4228, a flash point of 120 ° C, soluble in organic solvents, insoluble In the water. Show


      Sale of a unit (phenols, antioxidants, sulfonates)
      Contact number: (086) 13963298800 managers
      Sales Part 2 (Flame retardant, lubricant antiwear agent)
      Contact number: (086) 13963292031 Managers
      Tel: (086) 0632-6676678
      Fax: (086) 0632-6675111
      E-mail: zx5619@126.com
      Address: Taierzhuang Economic Development Zone, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China

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